Using workforce as brand champions and key communications channel

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1 min read

The effective use of multiple communications channels is increasingly important to convey equity stories and to demonstrate a compelling reason to invest in an organisation.

There has been an increased focus on updating and redesigning corporate websites, alongside more content pushed through social media. Both are really important areas to develop, and can be massively enhanced by adding your workforce as ambassadors for your brand.

An article in Marketing Week highlighted that staff should be key brand champions and be considered an important and effective communications channel. Read full article.

By engaging colleagues in this way, regardless of size of organisation, there is an opportunity to amplify your brand messaging and communicate information through an authentic and powerful medium – the people who work for the company. Whether it’s selling a product or service, or demonstrating a workforce initiative to improve sustainable production processes, engaging with staff at the earliest opportunity can make a big difference.

For larger organisations, with multiple locations, the engagement process is of course a more difficult challenge; planning is easy, execution can be trickier.

3 Key vital steps to the success of the process

  • Engage early with your workforce, at the brand strategy setting stage
  • Keep dialogue going throughout the process
  • Give regular feedback to strengthen engagement

In summary, involving the workforce in this way can generate an effective communications channel and should be considered an important aspect of brand development.

The experienced team at Invicomm have supported a number of clients with developing brands – for more information please contact  Dan Budgen.

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