Fundraising and investor marketing

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1 min read

The focus at many creative agencies is on the deliverable, be it a website or report or presentation.

At Invicomm we focus on the communication challenge, understanding what you are trying to convey, defining how best to say it and via what channel.

In many instances however, by the time the design agency is involved, both the verbal and visual articulation of a proposition has been defined, by multiple advisors in a number of different ways across a range of outputs.

This often presents a degree of inconsistency in how the business is described and how the business is perceived by its audiences

Invicomm has been engaged at early stages of investor marketing to help craft core messages as well as the visual impact of a company at its most crucial time – the fundraise.

Working on a range of assets to support the investment case that can include business modelling, ecosystem graphics, organisational structures, video and animation, we develop appropriate solutions that presents a cohesive and consistent proposition.

Our approach also considers the peer landscape and audits existing content before we provide a range of creative recommendations. This allows us to bring the investment thesis to life in a way that will engage a variety of stakeholders across today’s communication channels.

This enables clients to make the right impact at the right time, establishing a sound framework from which to promote the continued progress of the business as it delivers its strategy.

When you are looking to make an impression, it helps to look your best.

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