We spend a
third of our
life working

That’s a long time.

At Invicomm, we take pride in our working environment, and we strive to make every second count. We live and breathe our values to ensure that every member of the team achieves their full potential.

We are collaborative, not competitive

Many creative agencies believe that the best results are achieved through promoting competition between designers. We take a different approach. We strive to enhance each other’s skills and strengths. We believe that the rich sound of harmony is produced by different notes played at the same time. When we work collaboratively, we can harness positive actions such as empathy, compatibility, and cooperation.

We are proactive, not passive

For us, anticipation is a superpower. It gives us time to address the future, think long-term, create strategies, avoid negative outcomes, and prepare for positive results. Proactivity enables accountability, time efficiency, and problem-solving.

We are curious,
not complacent

A curious mind is always looking for connections and open to different viewpoints and ideas. We enjoy asking difficult questions and are open to alternative answers. Standing still is not an option.

We are brave,
not conventional

We value people with strong opinions who stand up for their ideas, even if they stand alone. We are not “yes men,” and we are not afraid to stand up for what we believe in. We are also kind to each other because kindness takes courage.

Get in touch

We are always on the lookout for talented and passionate people whose values align with ours. Drop us a note with your cover letter and CV if you want to help us shape brands and perceptions.

Composition of design collage for Invicomm website careers section