The Drum Awards B2B Highly Commended 2021
Integrated brand communications for a metal recycling giant

Befesa, the global leader in providing critical environmental recycling services to the steel and aluminium industries, holds a prominent position in key European, Asian, and North American markets. In the past five years, our partnership with Befesa has been instrumental in successfully re-positioning the company as a significant player in the circular economy, transitioning from a heavy industrial focus to a provider of sustainable solutions.

Hansa powerpoint design spread
Hansa annual report cover

We understand the importance of compelling investor communications for companies experiencing growth, which is why we took charge of creating all the necessary materials for Hansa's first Capital Markets Day. Our comprehensive services involved collaborating closely with them to effectively convey their strategy, development technology platform, and vision for future expansion. We consolidated all of this information into a detailed investor presentation, ensuring a cohesive and impactful message. Additionally, we provided valuable advice on content, best practices, and design layouts for their annual and sustainability reports.

Recognizing the fast-paced growth and development of our client, it was important that we took an agile approach to brand-building communications. To address this, we developed a comprehensive set of updated brand guidelines. This included a complete revamp of their verbal narrative and messaging, ensuring their communication aligns with their evolving identity. Furthermore, we refreshed their visual assets, which have been successfully integrated into their website, investor communications, and corporate presentations.

Hansa powerpoint spread

When the company changed its name and visual identity last year we worked with them on producing a new corporate website. The new site showcases their refreshed brand identity in an engaging, consumer-led format.

The visual articulation of the brand is supported by compelling narrative content which highlights the company’s key investment priorities and how the value chain delivers long-term growth. ME Group’s commitment to sustainability is also at the core of the new site.

Website Homepage mobile mockup
Website mobile mockup

As part of our remit to up-scale the company’s digital communications we also created a new careers hub for potential candidates. The portal further promotes the new brand identity and vision as well as using advanced back-end technology to help filter candidates in order to make the job of human resources that much easier.

Website mobile mockup
Website mobile mockup

We also support ME Group on their investor communications and for the past six years we have designed and produced their year-end annual reports as well as advising them on content strategy and best-practice.

Annual Report and spread mockup
Multiple Spread mockup
Multiple Spread mockup
thumbnail of chubb-employee recognition advert animation

Over the course of four years, we have collaborated closely with Chubb, assisting them in effectively communicating and engaging with their internal audience, while providing comprehensive support for their marketing communications. As part of our responsibilities, we were tasked with producing an animated film for an internal Diversity and Inclusion campaign. The animation aimed to inform and educate staff about the significance of D&I, while directing them to an online training module.


In order to foster a culture of collaboration and empowerment, we devised an employee recognition program in the EMEA region. This unique initiative allowed every employee to highlight their colleagues who they believed should be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the company. Departing from the traditional top-down approach to appraisals, our goal was to encourage employees to provide their own feedback on their teammates. To support this initiative, we provided strategic guidance, developed impactful messaging, and designed a range of campaign materials including animations, digital banners, posters, interactive forms, diploma certificates, and promotion across the Chubb intranet.

A diagram of the user journey for recognition programme

In the challenging year of 2020, Chubb sought to convey an end-of-year message to all of its employees that would be uplifting and acknowledge the incredible dedication and effort exhibited by everyone. As a result, we created an animated film that depicted the journey of a fictional character, capturing his experiences during lockdowns, remote working, homeschooling, and even the influence of TikTok. The film served as a tribute to the resilience and adaptability demonstrated by Chubb employees throughout the year.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have supported Chubb in fostering a culture of effective communication, empowerment, and recognition, ensuring that their workforce remains motivated and engaged

Ellipses brand spread
Ellipses brand spread

The business had progressed significantly since being established and the need to enhance the company's suite of communications had become apparent. However the client had one caveat, ‘do not touch the logo.’ Companies often develop an emotional attachment to their identity; however it was clear that the Ellipses brand had lagged behind their operational progress and the scope of the project quickly expanded from polishing to reconstructing.

To ensure informed and effective creative decisions, we conducted a thorough audit of Ellipses Pharma's verbal and visual brand assets. The objective was to assess their appropriateness for the target audiences and their alignment with the company's strategic objectives. Crucially, this process involved engaging key employees, allowing their practical needs and perspectives to shape the scope and purpose of the evolved communications. The result was a unified sense of purpose across the organization.

Through our collaborative efforts, we developed a newly crafted narrative articulation that empowered employees to effectively communicate Ellipses Pharma's unique proposition. This refined messaging enabled clearer and more impactful communication with target audiences, fostering engagement and understanding.

Ellipses brand spread

In addition to the narrative, we created a distinct brand identity and a set of visual assets that set Ellipses Pharma apart from its pharmaceutical peers. These assets not only aligned with the company's mission but also reflected its evolved positioning in the industry. The refreshed brand identity and visuals helped differentiate Ellipses Pharma and enhance its credibility and visibility.

By improving their communications and revitalizing their brand identity, Ellipses Pharma successfully positioned itself as a prominent player in the field of cancer treatment discoveries. The improved engagement and differentiation from their pharmaceutical peers propelled them closer to their goal of optimizing resource allocation and accelerating breakthroughs in cancer treatments.

It was important that we really understood the company’s DNA. Through a detailed briefing session, we established a clear strategic platform. The visual identity and company website had not evolved with the business and required a fresh approach.


We leveraged the 3D molecule theme throughout the new brand, as well as using striking portraiture to emphasise the significance of their stakeholder relationships. The end result was a new brand identity, tone of voice, logo-device and digital presence which truly reflects Masters’ core services as well as reinforcing their commitment to sustainable partnerships.

Hand holding three blue pills
Women sitting in crops with baby on back
Child hand holding adult hand
Male and female hugging in embrace
Women walking through crops with baby on back
School children smiling and sitting on ground
Masters-website-screen copy
Molecule image
X-ray image
Molecule image
X-ray image
Molecule image
X-ray image

We used a lot of human impact photography to portray what is at the heart of Masters, what moves them. For more scientific content, we created second-tier photography. To help them support communications around new developments and drugs.

It was essential that the verbal and visual articulation of the brand effectively communicated the company's distinctive value proposition. To achieve this, we implemented an impactful and easily recognisable photographic style that utilised the corporate colours. This approach imbued the brand with a clear sense of direction and perspective.

Three screens showcasing the LMS Capital website design.

The end result is an easy-to-implement yet dynamic and striking brand identity that gives real weight to the company's digital presence.

A simple image of a lion's face and text makes up the LMS Capital logo.
Black and white high contrast image of cogs and mechanical pieces of a watch with deep red highlights.
The LMS Capital brand colours
Black and white high contrast image of a spiral staircase with deep red highlights.
Showcasing LMS Capital's brand typography.
Black and white high contrast image of a classic sports car interior with deep red highlights.
Showcasing the icons designed for LMS Capital.
Three different images showcasing the brand and different assets that they deal with.
A piece of textured paper with the LMS Capital logo embossed on the cornner.
An image of the LMS Capital business card design

As part of the strategic re-positioning process, we conducted a comprehensive evaluation of Befesa's verbal and visual brand. The updated messaging was complemented by a new set of brand assets and guidelines, which showcased a distinctive visual identity. Striking on-site photography was combined with bold red and white typography and iconography, creating a visually impactful presence.

Befesa brand book colours
befesa molten metal
Befesa brand book typography
Befesa company icons

The revamped company website served as the primary activation point for the new brand. We implemented a vastly improved user interface, ensuring that Befesa's diverse range of stakeholders could easily access the information they needed. The website placed greater emphasis on the company's value proposition and business model, while also introducing a dedicated sustainability section that provided a comprehensive view of Befesa's approach to environmental, social, and governance issues.

Befesa corporate website multiple page spread
Befesa corporate governance page ipad

To effectively communicate Befesa's corporate story, we produced a compelling three-minute corporate video. Collaborating closely with the client, we developed the script and storyboard, and filmed on location in Bilbao. The video seamlessly blended real footage of Befesa's workers with relevant stock footage, illustrating the complete value proposition from aluminium and steel recycling to the final product. By highlighting Befesa's vision and strategy, the video effectively showcased the company's pivotal role in the circular economy.

Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa worker holding soil
Befesa logo on building
Befesa machinery
Alt tag
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa employees talking
Befesa worker in front equipment
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa machinery with smoke and fire

Recognizing the importance of investors as key stakeholders, we integrated the new brand into Befesa's latest annual report and accounts. The report featured impactful full-page imagery of Befesa's operations and employees, ensuring an engaging visual experience. Detailed infographics brought the value chain and production process to life, providing a comprehensive understanding of Befesa's operations.

Befesa annual report covers
Befesa anuual report multiple page spread
Befesa Health & Safety page report

In addition to the Annual Report, we also designed and produced Befesa's inaugural ESG progress update. To initiate the process, we conducted a meticulous materiality assessment, which guided the content and structure of the report. The narrative content was complemented by visually engaging imagery and infographics. The end result is a fully interactive PDF that has been thoughtfully crafted with an online-only perspective in mind.

Befesa annual report covers
Befesa key social performance indicators
Befesa anuual report multiple page spread

To create a recognisable logo that would resonate with our target audience, we merged the letters ‘p’ and ‘v’ from the Penvale name. This instantly identifiable logo became the focal point of the new visual identity. Complementing the logo, we opted for a monochromatic colour palette, allowing the vibrant and aspirational lifestyle photography to truly come to life.

pattern of penvale logo composition
image of modern houses for penvale brand photography
Image of mother with children in new home for penvale brand photography
 Image of young couple in new home kitchen cooking for penvale brand photography
Image of building under construction for penvale brand photography
Image of woman watering plants for penvale brand photography
composition of website spreads  for penvale brand assets

The end result is a sophisticated brand identity and website that radiate positivity, warmth, and energy.

Composition of Penvale business cards and letterhead design
Composition of Penvale brand merchandise key rings design
Composition of Penvale stationary calendar and notebook
adevinta casestudy annual report covers full screen
adevinta casestudy annual report covers full screen

We helped the company develop a reporting framework post IPO to communicate Adevinta’s global marketplace proposition and brand to their new investor audience. Our objective was to create an engaging inaugural annual and sustainability report that would showcase the expertise of this global marketplace specialist.

adevinta casestudy annual report covers full screen

Additionally, Adevinta entrusted us with the task of promoting their newly articulated 5-year strategy to internal stakeholders. Our approach involved presenting the strategy through the concept of a marketplace, a space that has played a pivotal role in the development of economies, cultures, and societies throughout history.

To achieve this, we created an interactive animation that simulated a virtual Adevinta world, providing employees with a navigable journey through the marketplace. Throughout the experience, key aspects of the company's strategy were highlighted and explained in detail. The interactive nature of the animation proved to be highly effective in engaging and educating the intended audience. By immersing themselves in this virtual environment, employees gained a deeper understanding of Adevinta's strategic vision.

Despite the potential of their offering, GetBusy faced a challenge in attracting the right audience. Our primary objective was to redirect prospective customers to download the product demo, generating new business opportunities and active leads

To achieve this goal, we devised a top-of-funnel social media campaign designed to captivate and engage potential leads, driving them towards the product demo. Collaborating closely with GetBusy, we developed compelling messaging and visually appealing designs for static and animated posts and stories across Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. The campaign employed on-brand, playful graphic elements accompanied by witty and engaging strap-lines, ensuring the language resonated with the target audience. We crafted a series of five advertisements, each highlighting a unique feature or advantage of the product. The consistent visual style and concise strap-lines fostered strong brand awareness and recognition throughout the entire campaign.