Brand activation for a marketplace leader

Adevinta is a global online classifieds specialist, operating digital online advertising more than ten countries. Using leading-edge technology the company connects buyers and sellers, helping people find jobs, homes, cars and consumer goods.

Hansa powerpoint design spread
Hansa annual report cover

Compelling investor communications are essential for a company in this stage of growth and we produced all the materials for their first Capital Markets Day. This included working with them on communicating their strategy, development technology platform as well as their vision for growth. All of this was brought together in an in-depth investor presentation. Further to this we also advise on content, best-practice and design layout for their year-end annual report.

As a company that is growing and developing at pace there is a need to take a more agile approach to brand-building communications. We produced a complete new set of brand guidelines which included an over-haul of the verbal narrative and messaging as well as creating updated visual assets which have since been applied to the website, investor communications and corporate presentations.

Hansa powerpoint spread

When the company changed its name and visual identity last year we worked with them on producing a new corporate website. The new site showcases their refreshed brand identity in an engaging, consumer-led format.

The visual articulation of the brand is supported by compelling narrative content which highlights the company’s key investment priorities and how the value chain delivers long-term growth. ME Group’s commitment to sustainability is also at the fore-front of the new site.

Website Homepage mobile mockup
Website mobile mockup

As part of our remit to up-scale the company’s digital communications we also created a new careers hub for potential candidates. The portal further promotes the new brand identity and vision as well as using advanced back-end technology to help filter candidates in order to make the job of human resources that much easier.

Website mobile mockup
Website mobile mockup

We also support ME Group on their investor communications and for the past six years we have designed and produced their year-end annual reports as well as advising them on content strategy and best-practice.

Annual Report and spread mockup
Multiple Spread mockup
Multiple Spread mockup
thumbnail of chubb-employee recognition advert animation

We’ve been working with Chubb for four years helping them to communicate and engage with their internal audience as well as providing general support on marketing communications. As part of our remit we were asked to produce an animated film for an internal Diversity and Inclusion campaign. The purpose of the animation was to inform and educate staff on the importance of D&I, as well as direct them to an online training module.


For the employee recognition programme every employee in the EMEA region had the opportunity to highlight colleagues who they thought should be recognised for their outstanding contribution to the company. Instead of the usual top-down method of appraisal, our aim was to empower and encourage employees to give their own feedback on their team-mates. This in turn created an atmosphere of collaboration.

We advised on the strategy and messaging as well as designing and producing all the campaign materials which included animations, digital banners, posters, interactive forms, diploma certificates and promotion across the Chubb intranet.

A diagram of the user journey for recognition programme

For most people 2020 was a tough year due to the effects of the Covid pandemic. However Chubb wanted to send an end of year message to all of its employees which was upbeat and acknowledged the incredible work and commitment that everyone had put in. The result was an animated film which charted the journey of a fictitious character and his experience of lock-downs, remote working, home schooling and Tiktok!

Ellipses brand spread
Ellipses brand spread
Ellipses brand spread

The business had progressed significantly since being set-up and the need to enhance their communications had become apparent. However they had one caveat… ‘Do not touch the logo.’ Companies often develop an emotional attachment to their identity; however it was clear that the Ellipses brand had lagged behind their operational progress and the scope of the project quickly expanded from polishing to reconstructing.

To arrive at the right creative decisions, we conducted an audit of both their verbal and visual brand assets to assess whether they were appropriate for their audiences and if they would help them achieve their strategic objectives. The review engaged with key employees so that both the scope and purpose of any evolved communications supported their practical needs, whilst uniting a common purpose across the organisation.

Ellipses brand spread

A newly crafted narrative articulation enabled employees to better communicate Ellipses’ unique proposition. Alongside this a distinct new brand identity and set of visual assets helped differentiate them from their pharmaceutical peers.

It was important that we really understood the company’s DNA. Through a detailed briefing session, we established a clear strategic platform. The visual identity and company website had not evolved with the business and required a fresh approach.


We leveraged the 3D molecule theme throughout the new brand, as well as using striking portraiture to emphasise the significance of their stakeholder relationships. The end result was a new brand identity, tone of voice, logo-device and digital presence which truly reflects Masters’ core services as well as reinforcing their commitment to sustainable partnerships.

Hand holding three blue pills
Women sitting in crops with baby on back
Child hand holding adult hand
Male and female hugging in embrace
Women walking through crops with baby on back
School children smiling and sitting on ground
Masters-website-screen copy
Molecule image
X-ray image
Molecule image
X-ray image
Molecule image
X-ray image

We used a lot of human impact photography to portray what is at the heart of Masters, what moves them. For more scientific content, we created second-tier photography. To help them support communications around new developments and drugs.

As part of the strategic re-positioning exercise, we re-evaluated the company’s verbal and visual brand. The updated messaging was then supported by a new set of brand assets and guidelines for use. Dramatic on-site photography was used alongside the bold red and white typeface and iconography to create a distinctive visual presence.

Befesa brand book colours
befesa molten metal
Befesa brand book typography
Befesa company icons

Our first activation point for the new brand was a re-designed company website. A much-improved user interface was introduced making it easier for Befesa’s broad range of stakeholders to find the information they need as quickly as possible. The company’s value proposition and business model was given more emphasis and we added a new section on sustainability which provided a detailed view on how Befesa approaches environmental, social and governance issues.

Befesa corporate website multiple page spread
Befesa corporate governance page ipad

In order to tell Befesa’s corporate story in the most engaging way possible we produced a three-minute corporate video. We worked with the client on the script and storyboard and then filmed on location in Bilbao. Real footage of Befesa’s workers is interspersed with stock footage in order to show the full value proposition, from aluminium and steel recycling through to the end product. By highlighting Befesa’s vision and strategy we were able to demonstrate the key role the company plays in the circular economy.

Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa worker holding soil
Befesa logo on building
Befesa machinery
Alt tag
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa employees talking
Befesa worker in front equipment
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa worker in front of machinery
Befesa machinery with smoke and fire

Investors are key stakeholders for Befesa so it was essential that we implement the new brand into the company’s latest annual report and accounts. We used full-page imagery of the operations and employees to make the Report impactful and engaging. The value chain and production process were brought to life through detailed infographics.

Befesa annual report covers
Befesa anuual report multiple page spread
Befesa Health & Safety page report

Alongside the Annual Report, we also designed and produced the company’s first ESG progress update. In order to kick-start the process we conducted a detailed materiality assessment which informed the content and structure of the report. The narrative content was then brought to life through imagery and infographics and the end result is a fully interactive pdf that has been considered from an online-only perspective.

Befesa annual report covers
Befesa key social performance indicators
Befesa anuual report multiple page spread
adevinta casestudy annual report covers full screen
adevinta casestudy annual report covers full screen

We helped the company develop a reporting framework post IPO to communicate Adevinta’s global marketplace proposition and brand to their new investor audience. The objective was to design and produce an engaging inaugural annual and sustainability report for this global marketplace specialist.

adevinta casestudy annual report covers full screen

Further to this Adevinta asked us to promote their newly articulated 5-year strategy to internal stakeholders. The brief was to present the strategy through the anatomy of a marketplace – a place which has been essential to the development of economies, cultures and societies throughout time.

The marketplace was a suitable environment to unite all members of the team. The final communication piece was an interactive animation where employees could navigate their way through a virtual ‘Adevinta’ world. Throughout the journey key aspects of the company strategy were highlighted and explained in more detail. The interactive element of the animation proved to be an effective way of engaging and educating a key audience.

GetBusy’s challenge was that they just weren’t attracting the right type of audience. Our objective was to redirect new customers to download the product demo which in turn would create new business opportunities and more active leads.

We created a top of funnel social media campaign in order to entice new leads and direct interested people to the product demo. We worked with GetBusy on the messaging and design for both static and animated posts and stories for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The campaign used on-brand, playful graphic devices with witty and engaging strap-lines in language that the audience would understand. We created a series of five adverts each one based on a feature or advantage of the product. The recognisable visual style and to-the-point straplines created strong brand awareness and recognition across the entire campaign